Saturday 6 May - Sunday 6 August 2023

This isn’t our first exhibition, but maybe it should have been.

Picture a person living today, who is also connected to the world's oldest continuous culture. This is an entirely real and unique experience for many people around us. Yet it's so often overlooked.

First is about providing a space for the abundance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander creatives with a connection to Newcastle and the Hunter Region. Showcasing their work on what can feel like an unattainable platform - this is a chance to leave a first (and hopefully lasting) impression.

Offering insight into the diverse and contemporary practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander creatives. Think of it as a blank canvas for creatives to shift the mindset on what is usually misconceived as having to fit in traditional practices. 

This is new ideas; this is ancient legacy; this is boundless creativity. 

Maree Bisby - Virginia McDonald - Shane Dixon - Adam Manning - Wanda Matthews - Wayde Clark Aka Aléjandro - Kachina Davidson - Gambirra Illume - Maria Tattersall - Timothy Jackson 'Timberlina' - Ngaire Pakai - Shellie Smith - Jasmine Craciun - Wanjun Carpenter - Jacob Cummins - Jakeob Watson

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FIRST has been listed by Arts Hub as one of the 'Must-see museum blockbusters of 2023'


Newcastle Museum
6 Workshop Way