Newcastle Museum has policies and processes in place to manage donations to make sure that they comply with our
 Collections Policy (pdf).

How do I donate?

If you are interested in making a donation, the first step is to contact the Museum Curator via phone or email. The Curator's contact details are below.

Please provide the Curator with as much information as you can about the donation, including images if you have some.

The Curator may then arrange a time to meet with you to view the donation and learn more about its history, condition and relevance to the collection.

Please do not leave a donation offer at the museum unless previously arranged with the Curator.

If a donation offer is not accepted the Curator may suggest other appropriate collecting institutions for the donor’s consideration.

Once a donation is accepted it will be conserved, catalogued and placed into storage from where it will be available for exhibition and research.

Contact the Curator

Contact the Curator on 02 4974 2236 or email