Exhibitions 2016


05 Aug 2016 - 30 Oct 2016
Award-winning children’s author and artist Jeannie Baker’s latest, much anticipated picture book, Circle, is now a stunning travelling exhibition presented by Newcastle Museum.
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The Community's Own

01 Jun 2016 - 30 Jun 2016
In June the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service will hold an exhibition in partnership with Newcastle Museum and our community.
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Iconic Australia Houses

07 Mar 2016 - 05 Jun 2016
Iconic Australian Houses is a behind-the-scenes exploration of 29 of the most important Australian homes of the past 60 years.
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Newcastle Under Glass

01 Dec 2015 - 29 Feb 2016
The images in this exhibition come from the Greg and Sylvia Ray book Images on Glass: Newcastle and the Hunter from glass plate negatives which uses glass plates from private collections around the...
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Tyrannosaurs Meet the Family

31 Oct 2015 - 28 Mar 2016
Newcastle Museum presents the blockbuster Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family, an innovative, multimedia experience developed and co-presented by the Australian Museum
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