Fishing Tree


This tree was used by generations of Worimi people to find schools of fish near Bagnall's Beach.

The tree stretched out over the water. A finder would climb the tree and look in the water for fish and direct people in canoes to the best fishing spots. Footholds can still be seen along the trunk.

Living on the coast and by lakes, the Worimi relied on fishing and made canoes out of the bark of Stringy Bark trees. They fished with lines made from waterproofed bark or with spears made from Gymea Lily stems and four prongs of ironbark.

The tree is estimated to have lived for 300 to 400 years until 2001 when burnt by vandals.

The Worimi have a strong and continuous culture. Worimi Conservation Lands include Worimi State Conservation Area, Worimi National Park and Worimi Regional Park.