A Newcastle Story

Explore the natural environment, early Aboriginal life and Newcastle's history and beliefs. Journey with us through times of war and immigration and meet pioneers, sports people and the famous.

A Newcastle Story is the place for Novocastrians and visitors to discover answers to how and why we are a distinct and fascinating community. It is an exciting and colourful exploration of our identity through stories, objects and modern audio visual display techniques.

A Newcastle Story considers our past and future through distinctive themes that were developed by extensive community consultation.

Beaumont Street

A popular feature of A Newcastle Story is the Beaumont Street gallery. From an Awabakal wallaby hunting ground, mining base, sporting venue and business centre, Beaumont Street became the social hub for Newcastle’s post-war migrant community and thrives today as a multicultural thoroughfare despite heavy earthquake damage.

As the site of Newcastle’s first gay bar, significant aboriginal history, a boxing gym, post-war migrant community centres and Asian owned businesses, Beaumont Street offers A Newcastle Story a range of diverse stories presented in a distinctive manner with public.

The Newcastle Earthquake

The 1989 Earthquake was an event that permanently changed Newcastle. The videos below are archival material from NBN TV.



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