Faces Wall Submission

Be part of the Faces Wall

The Faces Wall started as a blank red wall but during research for the A Newcastle Story gallery remarkable photos of our community kept surfacing.

Unfortunately some of the images didn’t fit with any stories or we didn’t know who the people were which meant they couldn’t be used in a traditional sense. Human beings have a natural attraction to human faces and we didn’t want these people to be ignored so the Faces Wall was born.

We would like our visitors to be a part of the story of Newcastle and you can put yourself in the exhibition. There are six screens on the Faces Wall that have changing portraits. Anyone can contribute a portrait of a Novocastrian or Hunterite to include on the wall and become history.

Faces Wall Portrait Photo Submission Form

Yes, I would like to contribute a portrait photo to the Faces Wall. I understand that the photo may be displayed in Newcastle Museum and included on its website and promotional material. I freely give permission for the photo to be used for these.