Imaginaturalists - Nature Illustration for Beginners

27 August | 28 August | 29 August 2021
1 hr

We are excited to present more wonderful online workshops in celebration of the National Science Week, delivered by our friends from The University of Newcastle and STREAM, proudly supported by AudsIndustry :

Online beginner drawing workshops which aim to help us to engage with the environment, encouraging a love of nature and a desire to explore and protect our world.

The workshops will involve observational and experiential learning through creative and artistic activities with an emphasis on local biodiversity, highlighting the intricacies and beauty of biomes in our area.

We are offering two sessions – one with a focus towards parents with children (Family Session), and one aimed at adults (Adults Session).

  • Part 1 of our Family Session will be on Friday 27th 3.30pm, and  Part 2 Saturday 28th 11am.


  • Part 1 of our Adult Session will be on Saturday 28th 2pm, and Part 2 Sunday 29th 10am.


Part 2 builds on Part 1, allowing some time for practice. Each session will go for approximately 1hr.


Please prepare paper, lead pencils, an eraser, a ball, and something from nature (e.g. something from your garden/yard/street) to serve as an inspiration. 

We look forward to seeing you there! 


  • Proudly supported by - AusIndustry

The University of Newcastle