Art and Science - A happy marriage

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3 pm - 4 pm
1 hr

Art and Science are sometimes viewed as polar opposites – with decision makers often creating false divisions between the essential ‘STEM’ subjects and the whimsical ‘arts’.

Join Dr. Bernadette Drabsch, co-presenter of the internationally awarded ‘Drawing Nature, Science and Culture’ online course, who will share her insights into the exciting world of art and science.

Online event , livestreamed via Newcastle Museum's Facebook page

Duration: 60 min

Date: Wednesday 25th - 3pm

Please note:

Due to the current Public Health Order in the Newcastle area, most of City of Newcastle facilities are now closed, including Newcastle Museum.

As a consequence, some of the events that were supposed to take place at the Museum will now be delivered in an online format, via live streams on our Facebook page. Please keep checking our Facebook page and website pages for individual events for details on how to join in and watch online. 

Thank you for your understanding!


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