Christmas Truce

Thu 11 Dec 2014
05:30 - 06:30pm

The Western Front, Christmas 1914.

The talk of swift victories and being home by Christmas had been lost to a world of mud, barbed wire and a war of attrition. In spite of the violence and bloodshed of the previous months, on Christmas Eve 1914 a remarkable act of humanity lights up the darkness of the Western Front.  At various points across the line men from both sides left their trenches to celebrate Christmas. They shared gifts, sang songs and played football together.

To commemorate this extraordinary event Newcastle Museum will hold its own version of the Christmas truce with a soccer match between the Trench Caps (Allies) and the Pickelhaubes (Germans) in the Link Gallery, Newcastle Museum.

Then join us at the Museum for Christmas Carols


  • All welcome, no bookings required! FREE


Newcastle Museum
6 Workshop Way