Cultural resurgence

Thursday 5 March - Saturday 19 September 2020

Cultural resurgence is an exhibition showcasing a selected number of woven and possum works created by local Aboriginal community groups such as the: Mindaribba Local Aboriginal lands council (LALC), the Awabakal Elders group and various school groups with both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students with their teachers. 

In all of these programs cultural enrichment is paramount.  The diversity of individuals knowledge and abilities vary; however, we have found the hunger to learn and create is shared by all.  Over the course of this program it is beautiful to watch the students become the teachers, sharing what they have learnt with their friends and family.  We have witnessed generations share and work together on projects that many have not had the chance to before. 

These projects are not about the 'artworks' you see, they are about the ceremony of connectivity, relationality and cultural strengthening. 

It is our honour to facilitate such programs.  Our hope is that the wider population get to witness and come to know these ceremonies in action.  Over the course of this exhibition the cloaks and other items may go come and go, this demonstrates cultural revitalisation in action, as the objects now have a life and purpose of their own. 

Cherie Johnson
Managing Director of Speaking in Colour


  • Entry to this exhibition is FREE


Newcastle Museum
6 Workshop Way