The Earth Beneath Our Feet

07 Jul 2014 - 14 Jul 2014

The Earth Beneath Our Feet is a free exhibition for everyone. You can see unbelievable minerals and fossils, explore beautiful Australia, and learn how the Earth is constantly reshaping itself — creating and destroying through volcanoes, earthquakes, and erosion! Discover stories of our great geologists and find out what is happening in the incredible world of modern geoscience.

This year Newcastle has been selected as the host of the Australian Earth Sciences Convention. The Geological Survey of New South Wales is proud to present this exhibition in association with this important convention. Earth scientists from around the globe will meet at this convention to discuss the latest research in geoscience and the vast range of issues that it influences.

These include:

  • Earth’s mineral and energy resources
  • The search for a sustainable energy future
  • Environmental effects of the use of resources
  • Understanding Earth’s processes that control plate tectonics
  • The evolution of sedimentary basins and deformed mountain belts.

Australian Earth Sciences Convention 2014 




Newcastle Museum
6 Workshop Way