Toys: science at play

Come and play toys
08 Dec 2012 - 24 Feb 2013

Why does a spinning top stay upright? What makes the patterns in a kaleidoscope? Why do magnets attract? How do dolls talk? How do building blocks stay up and fall down? Many of the toys we love work because of physics. You can find out how they work, and the answers to many more questions, in this fun and interactive exhibition.

This popular exhibition includes robots, dolls, hula hoops, building blocks, toy timelines and kaleidoscopes. It provides plenty of opportunities for all ages with enquiring minds to tinker with toys. Developed by Scienceworks and Scitech, Perth.

Education bookings and resources

The Toys: Science at Play exhibition comes with an Education Kit provided by the exhibition developers Scienceworks,
Museum Victoria in Melbourne and Scitech Discovery Centre in Perth.

The education kit has been written for students in Years 2 – 8 and contains information to assist with:

  • Planning a successful excursion
  • Making curriculum links
  • Setting a context for the excursion so that students can get the most from their visit
  • Exploring further the science and technology of toys.
  • It also contains a range of school-based activities that may be adapted to suit a number of developmental levels. These may be completed before or after the visit.

Download:  Toys: Science at Play Education Kit (pdf)

Please contact our Public Programs Officer on 4974 1422 if you are planning an excursion to the Toys exhibition.


Newcastle Museum
6 Workshop Way