The Big Draw Newcastle

Thur 24 Jan 2013
10:00am - 05:00pm

The Big Draw Newcastle

The Big Draw Newcastle is a fun day of drawing for families, adults and children aimed at encouraging creative thinking through drawing.

Join in the fun and 'take a line for a walk'! The Big Draw Newcastle is a celebration of drawing and everyone's invited.

Young, old, fat, thin, tall or short; there are no pre-requisites for drawing and we are aiming to eradicate the phrase 'I can't draw' from your vocabulary!


A mass of free public drawing activities stretch from Honeysuckle Harbour all the way to Newcastle Art Gallery and everywhere in between including:

  • The Maritime Centre
  • Newcastle Museum
  • Wheeler Place
  • Civic Park
  • Newcastle Region Library
  • Newcastle Art Gallery

Create your own dream Museum

What would you like to see in your dream Museum? Tigers with teeth? The skull of a Mammoth? Ancient buried treasure from the bottom of the sea? You can draw whatever objects you like in our Dream Museum. Use your imagination or be inspired by the Museum’s own collection.

This activity will be running all day from 10am - 5pm.

Draw24 at Newcastle Museum

DRAW24 is an initiative by staff and students from the Natural History Illustration degree program at the University of Newcastle.

The aim of DRAW24 is to promote and support the good work of the Native Animal Trust Fund (NATF). As a fundraiser students from the program will be seeking sponsorship to draw for a 24-hour period. DRAW24 will be a public event held at the Newcastle Museum as part of the BigDraw initiative. It will start from 12 noon on Thursday 24 January and finish at 12 noon on Friday 25 January.

Funds raised will provide much needed support for the volunteers who give their time to collect and care for injured and displaced native wildlife in the Hunter.

From reality to fantasy

Students from the Natural History Illustration degree program at the University of Newcastle will participate in a workshop from 10am to 12 noon on Friday 25 January 2013. The workshop will use Taxidermy specimens as a starting point. Initial drawings will be done of the specimens in pencil.  Based on the drawings the realm of Fantasy will be explored. Students will be taught how to take what is real and how to distort, exaggerate and embellish different aspects of the specific animals. From there, new drawings will be done to create Fantasy creatures. 

Museum visitors are invited to watch the students at work and be inspired by the artworks to add to the Dream Museum activity taking place at the same time. 

A wonderful collaboration

The Big Draw Newcastle is the largest collaboration of a Big Draw Event to take place in Australia. This unique partnership is brought to you by the following organisations:

  • The City of Newcastle
  • The Maritime Centre
  • Newcastle Museum
  • The Loft Youth Arts and Cultural Centre
  • L!vesites / Newcastle NOW
  • Newcastle Region Library
  • Newcastle Art Gallery
  • The University of Newcastle  

Find out more

You can find out more information about range of other The Big Draw activities on The City of Newcastle's website.